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This mother-of-two is putting health & wellness first

PICTURED: Joanna Joy Walker

HEALTH IS Wealth! I remember learning that saying from young, but it never really sunk in, and I guess I didn't realise or understand the impact of eating sweets, fast food, and drinking fizzy drinks really had.

In more recent years, it's become apparent 'you are what you eat' and I myself have become far more aware of this very point. I’ve not ventured into a plant based diet but I’m curious and wouldn’t mind giving it a go to see the benefits.

I'm sure many of you would agree, as a kid you would moan and complain when your parents told you to eat all your vegetables and drink water! Plus I’m sure the only real time we got active was when we did PE in school or played footy or basketball at lunch time or after school with friends.

Re-programming what we have always known from a young age such as wanting ice cream, chocolates, or that happy meal is a tough job. As well as keeping a active and taking time out in our busy schedules. So the key is to start from young and encourage our children.

I was discussing this with Joanna Joy Walker, an author and mother-of-two who emrbaces a plant-based lifestyle and discovered how to raise her children as healthy, conscious and mindful in terms of their wellbeing and lifestyle.

Walker has recently launched her first book Consuming with a Conscience & Raising Conscious Kids, a guide providing healthy plant-based recipes and guidance to help inspire you especially if you’re new to this journey!

Here’s more about our catch up:

Q: Who is Joanna Joy Walker?

A: A mother-of-two, student, mompreneur, lover of Nature and all things created by God.

Q: What inspired you to embrace a plant-based lifestyle?

A: My journey began in 2013, just after I had my first child. I started to ask questions that no one could answer at the time. The first question was why I always felt so uncomfortable after eating - feeling tired, bloated etc.

This was going on for a while but it was something I learned to ignore, until one day enough was enough. The second question I had was why do people get diseases? This lead me to do my own research and the answers I found was life changing.

Q: What made you want to write this book?

A: I wrote this book to help guide those who may need a little help with recipes or inspiration, encouragement or even reminders that they are on the right path. When I first started my journey, it was a struggle. I didn’t know what to eat, which lead me to keep going back to chicken or fish the first year or two.

As I kept learning new information that helped me to stay consistent, from there everything flowed naturally. I created this ebook as a guide to help those who are starting out or even for those who would like some new ideas. I wish I had something like this in the beginning.

Consuming with a Conscience & Raising Conscious Kids

Q: What’s “Consuming with a Conscience & Raising Conscious Kids” about?

A: This ebook is like a guide to help you through nutrition and also to gives tips on developing a positive mind set for your little ones. As a parent, you naturally want the best for your children.

Leading by example and leading them into the right direction away from the toxic garbage. If you struggle with fussy eater's or just need new recipe ideas and tips, this plant-based guide will inspire you and your family, to take a happier and healthier conscious eating path.

Q: What’s your upcoming plans?

A: I’m currently working on a vegan kids activity book with my children. One day I was trying to search for a vegan kids activity books and I couldn’t find any. My kids came up with some really cool ideas and I just helped them place them together.

Q: Where can we buy your new book ?

A: My ebook is Available to purchase on:

Lulu bookstore
Apple iBooks store
Barnes & Noble Nook
Kobo and everything else

Q: Where can we follow you and see your upcoming plans and future guidance books?

A: My Instagram and Twitter is: @realJoannaJoy

*Weekly contributions from Steph D’Sa (@MS_DSA)

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