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The mother/daughter duo encouraging women through fitness

KEEP FIT: Just Girl Fun founders Jenny Jacques and Chantelle

BODY CONFIDENCE has become quite the buzzword these days. Discussions around body issues, identity and the rise of feminism has allowed women to explore their vulnerability and open-up about their inner thoughts, feelings and embrace themselves in a community which celebrates body positivity.

Enter Just Girl Fun - a fitness movement which was founded with body confidence at its core. Through a series of masterclasses, events, and weekend getaways, the fitness inspired business aims to make women feel good both inside and out.

“When they come to one of our classes, we make them feel welcomed, at peace and like they’re part of a community,” says 54-year-old mother and co-founder Jenny Jacques.

Daughter Chantelle Blackman, 34, adds:

“Women feel comfortable coming to us and know that as instructors, my mother and I will be supportive regardless if your advanced or a beginner.”

Just Girl Fun was founded by the mother/daughter duo, whose fitness history is deeply rooted in family ties.

“Our family has always been into fitness - I have six siblings and we’re all personal trainers,” reveals Jacques.

“My brothers actually ran a gym and it’s just where the family congregated and our love of fitness really began there.”

Jacques' fitness journey really began at the young of 19, but her passion for training grew as she felt the desire to help others overcome both physical and mental obstacles.

“I fell in love with the idea of helping people and just went from there.”

As a woman who suffers from vitiligo, Jacques understands the struggle with body confidence and what it takes to overcome that – something she implements in her classes and serves as an inspiration for those who attend.

“I have vitiligo and that was something I struggled with, but I’m a living example that you can overcome certain things and be confident. Now I’m a Miss Bikini Bodybuilder, who became self employed in her fifties, and that’s all through overcoming different adversities and getting through it.”

Daughter Blackman, also enjoyed a similar upbringing filled with fitness fun, thanks to her mother.

“I’ve been doing fitness for a while now. I started out as a dancer and my mum would take me to street dancing classes when I was younger and I loved it,” she says.

“Also, I used to be very shy but I find fitness brings something else out of me, which is why I enjoyed pursing it. So I started teaching in my late twenties, and eventually my mum and I decided to join our passions together and pursue Just Girl Fun.”

The family centered business targets the working class woman from early 20s to mid 50s, who want the benefits of working out in the gym, but in an enlightening and fun atmosphere – something that both Jacques and Blackman have been praised for.

“We noticed that a lot of women find us inspirational and would come to us and say ‘We’re really positive’ and ‘we make them feel good’ and they like that we take the time to talk to them after the class and listen to their problems,” says Blackman.

By inspiring women with their vast array of sassy dance routines and aerobatic masterclasses, Just Girl Fun is perfect for friends and even family.

“It’s important for us to reaffirm that we are all different and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to other women – we must embrace and celebrate who we are. So it’s key for us to continue to convey that message on a larger scale.”

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