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Mr. Play is back with ‘What’s The Play?’

BACK AT IT: Mr. Play

WHAT’S UP Voice readers? Hope everyone is off to great start for 2019! Giving thanks for the blessings of 2018!

My team and I guarantee to bring great insight for you all to learn about what’s poppin and the great up and coming talent through What’s the Play this year!

First up, it’s been a pleasure and a honour to be involved in ‘Da Union DJs’, a network that is mainly based in the USA. To be invited and welcomed as a UK DJ was definitely a blessing! I did a quick stop in NYC to attend and DJ at the Da Union Industry party that showcased the full network of DJs. Thank you to the Da Union team for having me and I’m looking forward to the future. Shout out my boy DJ Ominaya - more collabos this year bro!

Da Union

This week we have an inspiring interview with a talented, go-getter female creative AZ, who’s successfully worked with JD Sports and Puma. Below, we speak to her about photography, being a young female creative and her plans for the future:

Q: Who is AZ and where are you from?

A: AZ stands for Ayshe Zaifoglu. I’m an excitable, creative personality from London.

Q: What inspired you to start doing photography?

A: Having access to video cameras as a kid always lead me to playing around with technology. In school I thrived in art, design and media, and I always enjoyed drawing and making silly videos. It’s something that became natural for me to start experimenting with still image.

Q: You have done campaigns for JD, Puma, E&J, Rinse and many more. What was your most proud moment?

A: I find it hard to be proud of myself and my work as I’m the type that always wants more and thinks I could have done better. However, my proudest moment has to be recently kicking off the Pay Your Shooter movement through merch. I think it's important to represent yourself and others doing what you do. It brings the community together and Pay Your Shooter speaks for itself in providing an appreciation that creative work deserves payment for artists and freelancers alike.

Q: Being a young female in the creative industry, what are the challenges you face?

A: I'm super confident in male company. The majority of my time is spent in rooms full of men; rappers, MC's, camera-men etc. However the only challenge I’ve faced being a female has sometimes meant assumptions are made that my technical knowledge and ability is less due to my gender. Despite that, I’m a little tech wizard mate. But this is changing and the amount of women in the industry is 100% increasing which is great to see!


Q: We see you have a passion for DJing as well, how did you get into that?

A: I just love music. I’m forever singing my heart out to RnB tunes and working in a radio station, I can't really escape music. Back at university, I spent my bursary on a DJ controller and DJ’ed at all the house parties in the YO10 postcode.

I was terrible, but made sure I gassed everyone up so if you 'booked' me it was always a success. Now, I am surrounded by incredible DJ’s. I like to leave it to them but I do still play around at home and scream down my phone on instagram for the internet to laugh at me. Hungover FM is defo a real thing.

Q: Have you been booked for any big events or festivals?

A: I played at ChingFest last year, a community festival in the London borough of Waltham Forest. I was the only DJ using a controller and not the actual CDJ set-up provided, it was quite embarrassing but I filled a tent of a few hundred people so you know I smashed it really!

Q: What’s up next for you?

A: I'm going to be pushing to curate a lot more for myself this year. Pay Your Shooter has some exciting things coming, some swag and hopefully some events to bring the community together for educational and dutty wine purposes.

Q: What’s your five year plan?

A: In five years I hope to be a go-to name and a success that hopefully helps and inspires those wanting to do similar things.

Q: What’s your advice for young talented creatives who are finding it hard to be heard or seen?

A: Don't conform or take the route that 'they' say is the right way. Find your own way, always want more and just keep going.

Q: Where can we find you, and follow your creations?

A: @azcaptures all social platforms. If you’d like to support fair payment for creatives, you can grab a t-shirt to help represent:

Weekly contributions by Lateef “Toks” & Steph D’Sa

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