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Mr. Play is back with 'Whats The Play?'

MEET UP: Dean Attil and Mr. Play

HAPPY NEW Year and all that good stuff!

Right, I’m gonna go straight into something that caught my eye at the latter end of 2017:

Homegrown R&B singer Jordan King is paving the way for the UK R&B scene with his latest initiative, RNBrit.

Inspired by his own experiences as an R&B artist in the UK, Jordan set up RNBrit late last year hosting the first official RNBrit Link Up in December.

RNBrit team

Intended to bring British R&B acts together and form a strong foundation for the forgotten scene, the first event proved to be a success!

“RNBrit is about discovering the lost appreciation for the genre of R&B in the UK, among both listeners and artists. We’ve spent so long shrouded in the shadows of other genres that we seem to have forgotten how revolutionary and amazing our art is. RNBrit can change that for everyone, be it within or outside of the scene” said the RNBrit Founder.

PICTURED: Jordan King

Having put together a team wholly dedicated to the progression of the scene, King aims for RNBrit to be the platform that encourages a change in dynamic for UK R&B.

A quick Q&A with PLAY

I met spoke with Dean Attil from Stamina Parties, a promotional company that does events in the UK.

Q: Who is Stamina Parties?

DA: Stamina represents the “New Generation of UK sound” and is a club night platform for Djs and Artists of Urban music to perform to thousands of 18-24 year olds across the country. Since we started in 2010, Stamina has become the premier student brand and platform in the country, attracting over 10,000+ people every year.

Q: What was 2017 like for you?

DA: 2017 was a blessing for the Stamina brand, with so many epic moments and some fun memories. We collaborated with Floor Sixx at Mangle in April, big up Sian Anderson and J2K for the bring ins because that night was very sick.

From there, we have built a sick relationship where I was asked to be A mentor at the Floor Sixx academy last summer. We had Tory Lanez bless our stage in April too at Club Republic, which was an epic moment for the team.

Being brought out to Fresh Island was another game changer for us as our debut festival and it was international too! That week was so lit, and after festival season, Sian Anderson blessed us with a Stamina Takeover on BBC 1xtra for the whole month of September which was so dope because it actually showed us that people do actually believe in and rate this brand we've been building for 7 years.

Q: What's the best thing about being a promoter in the UK?

DA: I can't talk for others but for me the best feeling about being a promoter is seeing a successful end result. People don't understand the work we go through to make sure we put on quality and entertaining shows, I also believe we are underrated and not shown the respect I think we deserve, but that's another story lol.

Q: Who's the coolest person you've worked with?

DA: The coolest person I've worked with I'll say is J2K. The guy is a creative genius and a serial entrepreneur. When you’re with him you will understand why

Q: Tell us something about your company that not many people know?

DA: Stamina ain't actually a company – it’s a brand. My actual company is called FuseBox London which you will hear more of in 2018. Fusebox is the management arm of Stamina.

Q: What advice would you give your younger self?

DA: To not give up and to always believe you are the best, because I believe in talking things into existence. The easiest thing the human mind allows us to do is quit. Keep striving, have a vision and know why you’re doing what you do. Without a why you won't succeed. Your why is your engine and you are the driver. Make it happen!

Q: What are your top three songs to drive to?

DA: J Hus ft Popcaan - Bouff Daddy remix, Jaz Karis - Sugar don't be sweet
and Wretch 32 ft Kojo - Tell Me

These three tracks are just bangers and yes I threw in a wildcard with Jaz but trust me her voice is amazing - check her out!

Q: Where do you see Stamina Parties in five years time?

DA: Selling out Wembley Arena. I got my inspiration from seeing Eskimo Dance do it, as I grew up with that brand and that was an achievement. Stamina will achieve that also - trust me and remember I told you this.

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