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Mr. Play speaks to south London rap duo Splurgeboys

DUO: Splurgeboys

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This week, we’re all coming down from Fathers Day and I just want to say respect and shoutout to all the dads out there and I hope you all had a great Fathers Day like I did! Love to my tribe for making mine special :)


I caught up with south London siblings The Splurgeboys (Rocket and Tee). The talented brothers well known for their production, have made a reputation for themselves by making hits for some of the UK’s biggest names including Skepta, Yxng Bane, and Tinie Tempah! They’ve even had stateside presence through a collaboration with G-Eazy on their track Jack Skellington.

Q: What made you decide to move from producing music to becoming artists?

Splurgeboys:After the success of producing music, we wanted to venture into becoming the artists, standing on our own two feet and delivering our own vibe. We released our debut LP Chill + Bill in March 2017 followed by Out the Pan April 2018. This was well received and we broke into grime playlists and the top 20 urban chart!”

Q: What’s next for Splurgeboys as artists?

Splurgeboys: We just released Chill + Bill 2 after the success of the first one, and we are really appreciating the love we are getting out there! Shout out to everyone supporting our movement!

Q: So now that you’re artists, can expect a show anytime soon right?

Splurgeboys: Yesir! We have our headline show at The Pickle Factory on June 26, and we’d love to see our supporters and The Voice readers there!

Q: Before I let you go, can you tell us if you have any collaborations or upcoming plans in the pipeline?

Splurgeboys: We want to collaborate with some of the new generation coming through as well as international acts. Although London is super hot right now, we want to work with a great amalgamation of cultures. It’s that time to conquer the world!

Q: Where can everyone follow you?

Splurgeboys: We are on all music platforms: Splurgeboys

Social media: @splurgeboys @splurgeboytee @splurgeboyrocket

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