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Mr Play teases his new track and talks to musician Rory Sky


BRITISH BASKETBALL League Season comes to an end.. we didn’t make the last game. It wasn’t meant to be this time. Well done to Plymouth Raiders; a huge thank you to the fans for an amazing season and well done to the London Lions, you guys have hit some serious milestones with the League Trophy win! It was also great catching up with Kojo the Comedian and original Sugababes member Mutya Buena for the final match.

I’ve also been busy in preparation on the release of my next music project song VIBE featuring Dizzy VC & GB, this time I am bringing an afrobeats flavour. Stay tuned for the preview trailer and the video launch! It’s definitely one to get you all moving and feeling the "vibe"!

Mr Play with Kojo the Comedian, Mutya Buena at the last London Lions league match at Copper Box

Rory Sky is under the spotlight this week. She’s multi-talented artist, singer, songwriter and recently performed at VibeLDN over the weekend. Find out more her below:

Q: Who is Rory Sky?
A: I am an artist, singer/songwriter and music producer from east London, who loves entertaining people on stage. My music has influences of Rnb, afrobeats, trap, electronic and sometimes grime.

Q: What and who inspired your journey?
A: I would say my love of music and dance as well as the opportunity to motivate/inspire other females in music.

Q: What have been the major milestones/achievements for you so far?
A: Well, I had some voice problems, which lead to all sorts of stress, effecting singing and work. It was awful at the time having speech therapy and an operation on my vocal cords. I really couldn't see how things would get better, or how I would ever sing again. It motivated me to stay in music by learning how to produce music. I now have a home studio where I make beats and sing as much as I like. It really has been a big achievement for me. It also taught me that you can get through any situation you just have to push through. I used to feel like it was a really negative thing that happened to me. But it's ended up being a blessing. There's no way I would've started creating my own sound.

Q: You also run music performance workshops for teens. What advice would you give aspiring creatives and potential musicians?
A: Yes, I do and I love it. There are so many things that make you feel insecure as a teen, let alone getting in stage in front of your peers to open your mouth and pour out all your thoughts and feeling through your lyrics.

I would say to any performer that is starting out, it's ok to be happy and proud with how your voice sounds today, don't put yourself down. Practice, and tomorrow will be even better. You can only go forward.

Q: What inspired you to ride a horse in your music video?
A: Well, I thought how awesome would it be to go through a local area without an oyster card or a car. That would be my fantasy turned to a reality. So I made it so. My song for this music video is called Attract. It’s got an afrobeats/electronic vibe and it’s about the same thing. Attracting what's good for you and turning your wants into reality. So the horse just made sense.

Q: Where can we find your music and upcoming shows?
A: I am on all social media platforms and music outlets but Instagram @RorySky. So you can find out about all my shows and new music there.

Additional contributions from Steph D’Sa (@Ms_Dsa)

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