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Mum ditches accounting career to launch her own business

WORKING MOTHER: Shantelle and her daughter

FIRST TIME mum Shantelle left her high-flying accounting job to launch her passion project, BibEasy Baby Bibs, a brand-new, full-service bib development and design company founded and owned by the young entrepreneur.

The products help with baby dribble-induced rashes and other skin irritations, and this week officially launched its comprehensive platform for all parents intent on finding a dribble-proof solution for their newborn babies.

Speaking on the launch, The accounting executive said, "Being a first time Mum, I saw the need for this product when my daughter started teething and was constantly dribbling and wetting her lovely clothes. She had a sore red rash on her neck and I was always changing her tops several times a day or using muslins to wipe her neck.”

“My BibEasy bib removes the need to change bibs so often and change clothes after eating as conventional bibs often move around while they eat and food sometimes manages to get inside their clothes. The garment absorbs moisture for most of the duration of the day which can then be machine­-washed."

The BibEasy Baby Bib prevents dribble from soaking into baby clothing, thereby reducing the amount of chafing and further irritation that can even contribute to sicknesses and colds.

BibEasy Baby Bibs

Another bib feature is that they are designed to keep stains from getting onto the collar or neckline of the baby’s clothing.

The concept behind the brand first developed four years ago, when Shantelle's daughter was born.

The budding entrepreneur also founded Babies World, a high-quality baby product designing company committed to practical clothing, in 2015. Since then, she has curated and produced the BibEasy Baby Bib for parents worldwide.

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