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Mum of five writes 'epic' fantasy book series


LOCAL HOUSEWIFE and mother of five Cleona Pohl, aka ‘The Mystery Author-Entrepreneur C. J. Pohl' - has for the last eight years written a series of ‘epic' fantasy adventure books and designed a line of associated merchandise.

Pohl, who hails from south Manchester, writes books centered around the trials and tribulations of the tribes of the earth, set during a time long before the first pyramid was an idea. From various locations of our young planet, their lives come into focus amid the ‘brutal battle between the forces of good and evil, that rage within them and are waged upon them’.

Since being made redundant for the second time in 2009, Pohl has remained at home raising her family and hasn’t earned a wage - but applied herself, to the mammoth task of researching and writing her books.

Now, Pohl has self-published the first instalment of her books - Ages of Raekwon – Awakenings Arousal the Peoples Story - part one, is now available to buy from her own website: and directly from Amazon.

The writer registered her own company earlier in 2017, in a bid to fundraise; launch her books and sell her merchandise to the public. She still writes books, edits, illustrates and employs artists.

"Tirelessly I do this, having no choice other than to take valuable time away from family activities to move the business off the ground, as I promote with the hope of seeking financial backing," she says.

"I want to make people throughout the world aware of what I do, by making my own videos and posting them to my YouTube channel, ‘Go Fund Me/ Indiegogo campaigns’, and various other social media platforms."

However, she’s found that despite all this extra effort, trying to remain positive and possibly inspirational to those around her is providing difficult. "It’s increasingly frustrating for me, yet it’s with great belief that I’ll succeed and continue to have faith that soon people will support me and my stories," she says.

Visit her website here:

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