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Munroe Bergdorf resigns as Labour LGBT adviser

PICTURED: Munroe Bergdorf with Jeremy Corbyn following her appointment as LGBT adviser to Labour

TRANSGENDER MODEL Munroe Bergdorf has resigned from her role as an LGBT adviser to Labour MP Dawn Butler, after just over a week in the job.

Bergdorf says her decision is down to "endless attacks on her character" and "online abuse".

"This is a decision I've made due to the endless attacks on my character by the Conservative right wing press and relentless online abuse."

She added: "I wanted my appointment to be something positive and exciting for the community but instead it has turned into nasty tabloid fodder, blown out of all proportion."

"I don't want to stand in the way of the board serving as a positive catalyst for change within the LGBT communities."

Bergdorf was one of several LGBT activists appointed to advise Labour's women and equality minister Dawn Butler on Feb 26.

However, Tory MP Helen Grant called out the transgender star after old tweets resurfaced,and said language used by the model "damages the campaign to promote equality".

She referred to tweets, all from the past year, which criticised suffragettes, gay male Conservatives and also make comments about racial issues.

The old tweets were then highlighted by a newspaper in which she allegedly made offensive comments about lesbians and a gay TV character.

She went on to apologise on Twitter for the comments, stating: "Who I was at 23 years old, is not who I am at 31."

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