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'My faith has never been higher'

DETERMINED: Kierran Jarrett has big aims in life after all he has been through.

IT’S NOT every day that a young, self-published author gets leading celebrities buying their debut book, but this has been the case for 24-year-old cancer survivor Kierran Jarrett. Following the release of his book What Can I Control? The Crucial Life Lessons of a 2x Cancer Survivor, award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins bought a copy.

“It came about by chance,” Kierran said. “I’ve recently got into extra work in movies and we got to talking and he wanted to hear more, which lead to him getting a book and he became my first ever signing.”

Billionaire businessman Richard Branson also bought a copy. Kierran is a role model for many and his life highlights that sickness shouldn’t stop a person from pursuing their goals. He was diagnosed with leukaemia whilst studying for a degree in International Business at the University of Hertfordshire. He didn’t let his cancer stop him – despite undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a bone marrow transplant – from pursuing a Business Studies and Marketing degree course at Hertfordshire University. He graduated with a 2:1 and an award for being the most outstanding student of the year for his efforts.

Last year Kierran was told his cancer was in remission and he’s been making up for lost time. One project he undertook and completed is his book, which seeks to remind people that ultimately, they control themselves, as he explained: “I believe too many people go through problems without learning. I didn’t have cancer twice to not learn some lesson.

“The most important thing is understanding that you control you and your reactions. If understood I believe people can change the way they view life.”

He has also been busy helping others alongside his book and film work.

“I’m taking a motivational speaking course as well as teaching people how to earn a secondary income alongside their 9-5, and showing families how they can save money on their bills,” Kierran said.

It’s clear to see he is in a good place spiritually, as he said: “My faith has never been higher. In my first year I gave God no credit. I was mad. Now, after beating cancer, I have a whole new appreciation for my life and my God.”

Kierran plans to continue pressing forward with his life, with a YouTube channel in the works and a bid to become a motivational speaker underway. He is a living witness that nothing, not even illness, can stop a determined person.

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