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Myth of the ‘angry black woman’

TARGETED: Michelle Obama

FOUR YEARS ago some people in America tried everything to stop a black man from becoming president. He was threatened with assassination and his birthright to stand was questioned. Now, in an attempt to stop him from being re-elected, they're gunning for his wife – and every black woman on the planet – with that old age stereotype of the ‘angry black woman’.

They reckon Michelle Obama is an angry black woman! Only someone who has no idea what an angry black woman is like could possibly entertain the idea.

Michelle Obama is positively a divine angel compared to a proper angry black woman. If she was a real angry black woman, you wouldn't want to mess with her. If Michelle Obama (or any black woman) was really vexed, no one in America would even dare to suggest that she was an angry black woman.

You want to see a truly angry black woman, go down to your local school after ‘Junior’ has been sent home for being wotless. See if Junior’s mother does’'t kill someone… It could be Junior or it could be his teacher, but someone would definitely have to die.

You want to see an angry black woman? Then let a woman catch her man in bed with her best friend.

You want to see an angry black woman? Set her weave on fire.

Black women have a lot to be angry about. The way they've been treated these last five hundred years has been atrocious. The fact that they have to work longer and harder doesn't help. But because of that double whammy (being black and female), they would be at the bottom of the pile if they didn't. And when so many black woman struggle to find the man that Luther Vandross or Al Green or Jodeci, or Usher promised them was out there waiting to kiss their blues away, well you can understand that they might be walking tinderboxes.

Yet, despite all they've been through and all they've got going against them, you're no more likely to come across an angry black woman than you are an angry white woman. And you could argue that white women have got a lot less to be angry about.

Okay, a number of sistas are quick to kiss their teeth or cut their eye at the very slightest provocation as they stand at the check-out of a supermarket on a Saturday afternoon. And one or two might lose their composure if someone jumps ahead of them in the queue. But if we're talking proper brimstone and fire, there is no biological, psychological or anecdotal evidence that suggests that white women are any less prone. Yet America continues to believe the myth of the 'angry black woman' and have put her at the very centre of their presidential campaign.

Expect to see more direct attacks on black women in general through the personification of Michelle Obama between now and the election in November.

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