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NBA player to buy Crystal Palace FC?

BEST OF BRITISH: Luol Deng shoots some hoops with pupils during a visit to Brixton's Evelyn Grace Academy in 2014

LUOL DENG, who plays for the LA Lakers, denies gossip that suggests he is making plans to buy Crystal Palace Football Club; which is located very close to Selhurst, where Deng grew-up.

The South Sudan-born baller made an off-the-cuff comment earlier this year, which sparked the chatter. Deng said buying the club would be his 'dream', despite the fact that he supports Arsenal. Of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, he said:

"I think what he has done in the past 20 years for Arsenal, has just been amazing."

32-year-old Deng also told reporters:

“I lived right next to Norwood Junction train station so for me I have spent a lot of time climbing up and trying to get a peek at the football games and matches but it's [Crystal Palace] always been my second team.

"These talks [buying the club] are a long way from where I am at right now."

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