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New book: 'Jamaica is in - Sport and Tourism'

POPULAR POSITION: Carole Beckford's new book

JAMAICA'S SPORT and tourism exploits are well known worldwide. The two industries are both responsible for much of the island's international appeal.

Sport tourism is a commodity which isn't new, however it is one which Jamaica has great potential which remains largely untapped.

Sports expert and member of the Business of Sport team in Jamaica Carole Beckford has outlined her views on both these areas and how they intersect in her new book; Jamaica is in - Sports and Tourism.

Beckford insists:

"Sport and tourism combined are key to enhancing the island’s social and economic development, while achieving goals of inclusion."

The 115-page book takes a comprehensive look at how sport, tourism, and the two lucrative fields combined have evolved in a developing economy like Jamaica. The publication covers the period 2007-2014 and looks at the significance of Jamaica's preparation for the Beijing and London Summer Olympic Games along with other events which offered Jamaica a competitive advantage.

Beckford writes that the island possesses all elements of a formula for a successful sport tourism industry; but points out that the relevant and powerful agencies have been slow in implementing what is required to make the industry work.

Among a number of key issues discussed are sport and the environment; sport and politics; export of sport services and administrative structures, to name a few.

With a body of work in sport at several levels covering almost three decades, Beckford makes it clear that she thinks it is time for Jamaica to formalise its plan to implement a successful sport tourism business model to benefit the island.

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