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New film explores life through a Rasta woman's eyes

CAST: Maia Watkins (left) and Natey Jones

MAIA WAITKINS stars in 'Alpha & Omega', a touching short drama exploring love, identity and faith from a black female Rastafarian’s point of view.

Being brought to life by three determined women of colour, Watkins (writer), Chloe Tai (director), and Dominique Toussaint (producer), alongside co-producer and executive producer Nathan Adabadze.

Set amongst the thriving multicultural epicentre of south London, Alpha & Omega follows Imani; a budding Rastafarian artist and health-stall owner; who on learning of her life-changing breast cancer begins to question her faith, her relationship with partner Hakeem (played by Natey Jones), and what it really means to be Rasta.

Smashed Screen Films are to produce and direct this modern day short drama, with a crowd fund campaign that is currently live and available to view here.

Teaming up with a host of supporters within the black community, it has always been critical to the team that they involve, collaborate with and champion as many black businesses as possible with this film, as this ultimately make up the world Imani and Hakeem live in.

To do this, the team have been securing costume pieces from local African jewelers, organic hair products from growing black suppliers, and teaming up with renowned vegan Ital restaurants across London, to use and feature in the film.

Alpha & Omega | Short Film Drama from Smashed Screen Films on Vimeo.

Likewise the team have sought the support of black musicians and now have global reggae artists Royal Sounds and Kabaka Pyramid scoring the film with their music.

At its heart, the film tells of a young woman dealing with the realities of a progressive illness, and the difficulties people face telling their loved ones, but also accepting their help to overcome it. Sadly 1 in 3 people will know of someone who experiences some form of cancer, and this film aims to, at the very least, open a conversation about health, accepting support, and show the wider public a depiction of Rastas that has never been seen on screen.

Inspired by the loss of her godfather to cancer last year, actor-turned-writer Watkins introduces her first screenplay. Coming from a Rastafari family herself, the script is based on a world she knows well and will be playing the lead role. Her credits include starring in the BBC’s EastEnders and Channel 4’s The Educatoror as well as being a three-time winner of Monologue Slam UK.

Smashed Screen Films co-founder Tai will be directing the piece as her first externally funded short film, and she plans to take the film on the short film festival circuit in 2018.

To donate to the film, visit their IndieGogo page here

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