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New home? Services to register your family

WE’VE PROBABLY all been there: we've moved into a whole new, beautiful home in a wonderful area, and felt such a rush of excitement that "boring" but essential tasks fell by the wayside. Still, it can be risky to delay registering with services like energy provision and healthcare at your new locale.

To ensure that you don't get caught out at an inopportune moment, make sure you sort out all of the registrations listed below at the earliest opportunity after moving into your new abode.

Royal Mail's Redirection service

It's probably not hard for you to think of various companies and organisations that regularly send you "snail mail" rather than limit their contact to online channels. That correspondence could include bills, but notifying each mailer one-by-one about the address change could drain time.

For this reason, you could buy yourself some temporary relief by getting your post redirected for three, six or 12 months - or longer. explains how you can arrange this.

A new energy supplier or tariff

Inheriting an energy supplier from the home's previous owner can see you paying hundreds more pounds than necessary on gas and electricity. That could be especially the case if you stick with a provider's standard tariff, so investigate how much you could save by switching.
You could opt to change just the tariff or to a whole new supplier. Also, upon moving in, take meter readings to check that you aren't receiving bills for the former owner's energy usage.

The electoral roll

If you are moving particularly far, you could land into an entirely different parliamentary constituency. Even if you don't anticipate another election or referendum happening soon, remember to sign up to vote in your new constituency, as this does not occur automatically.
Each member of the new household will need to independently register - you can't simply register them all on their behalf and in one fell swoop.


As you can never be certain exactly when you might run into some worrying signs of health problems, you ought to proactively register with a local GP. Provided that you reside within a given GP's catchment area, they can't turn down accepting you except on reasonable grounds.

Those grounds - which the GP must describe to you in writing, Citizens Advice explains - could include insufficient space for you on the GP's register. If you can't find a GP on your own, get in touch with your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for their assistance.

A dental practice

Looking for a new dentist can feel rather like the search for a new GP. However, keep in mind that you don't have to limit yourself to publicly-funded practices. You might want to broaden your choice - and ease your dental visits - by considering private clinics, too.
Turning to the private practice Ten Dental, for example, could give a London resident ready access to a dentist in Balham, Clapham or Wandsworth. The resident could then choose the location that is most conveniently close to them.

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