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New wave of young, married evangelical Christians on YouTube

HOLY UNION: (L-R) Mesha and Fabio on their wedding day

RECENTLY-MARRIED, Fabio and Mesha Da Silva are just one Bible-believing couple of many all around the world who are taking to social media in a proud and passionate way that their evangelical predecessors before them could never have done.

Impressive in the way he finds time to produce a vast rate of Gospel Hip-Hop videos each week, Fabio works full-time for a church whilst continuing to build his rap career. Wife Mesha is a childcare entrepreneur and together they have started to document married life and the challenges that come with being an interracial couple, their mission to reach people who have had bad experiences with church as well as provide living examples in their evangelism videos of how prayer can heal serious health ailments.

The Da Silvas sit down with The Voice to tell us more about their varied day-to-day.

Q1: Mr and Mrs Da Silva is the name of your YouTube channel. For those who haven’t come across you before, who are Mr and Mrs Da Silva; as a couple and as individuals?

Fabio: My name is Fabs and my wife’s name is Mesha. I work for London City Mission and I’m an evangelist and Mesha works with children.

Mesha: They are a Portugese and Jamaican couple who are very-much in love (coy laugh) and are enjoying marriage and I would say we are a very powerful couple. Individually, Mrs Da Silva is very driven, work-wise, runs her own business, I love children, I love travelling, I love challenges as well as I love learning to speak different languages and mixing with different cultures.

Q2: You’ve both been hailed as positive examples by many in the London Christian community. People notice that you’re one of few young couples who are ‘on fire’ for God and very vocal - you seem to put out Gospel rap and conversational videos at a very high rate. How did you guys get to this place of passion and zeal?

Fabio: To be honest, the passion and zeal just comes from a place of knowing who we are in Christ. We just wanna see people impacted and influenced by the truth which comes from the Gospel, y’know? The truth of liberty, the truth of freedom and the truth that God just want to heal us and set us free. We’ve developed that passion for the lost, that passion for the sick. We just want to being people to that understanding of who they are in Christ and that we can live in a place of victory and not defeat.

Mesha: We both have a passion for seeing people set free. There are things that I’ve experienced when I was a young Christian in a congregation that made me ask questions – I’m very inquisitive. I like conversations that challenge people to think, because I’ve always been one to think; even before I was saved. I didn’t even believe in God when I was younger, I would ask questions like ‘if God was real, then how come da da da da da’. As young Christians you don’t necessarily ask questions and you just go with what’s being said to the congregation. I always have enquiring conversations with myself and I think that’s a good place to be.

Q3: How did you guys meet?

Fabio: I used to do prison ministry with one of Mesha’s cousins and at the time I was a fitness trainer working in a gym. Mesha was looking for someone to train her. I started to train her and we built a friendship from there.

Mesha: My cousin said ‘there’s this guy that I do prison ministry with in my church and I think you would be so cool together’ then she showed me a picture of Fabs and I thought ‘oh he looks OK. Why Is he so muscly?’ Then my cousin said he was a trainer and I was looking for one so I messaged him on Facebook. He lived in south London and I lived in east and I said it was too far for me to come and get trained by him. He said ‘we can meet up halfway’ so we trained together in Burgess Park in south east London and the rest is history!

Q4: As well as virtual Bible study-type videos and evangelical messages, what else do you discuss on your videos?

Fabio: We also do challenges together, we have a video called Culture Clash where we talk about the differences in our cultures and how that was coming together. We just talk about stuff that people can relate to and that people might be going through.

Mesha: We discuss culture, we discuss out of hand experiences we may be facing, we discuss married life and in the future we will discuss even more so people get to know us. The main purpose for our channel is for to be real and open with people. We know that sometimes people go through their Christian walk without people being real with them, saying how things really are or how things really were. Especially the dating side of things, like you’ve seen in our video No Sex Before Marriage we were very honest about the struggles that we faced – struggles were inevitable being attracted to eachother, but God helped us through and we’re married today…I’m grateful for that.

Q5: How has life changed for the both of you since marriage?

Fabio: For me life has changed a lot. I moved out of my parents’ house and I live in my new place with my wife which is amazing. It’s a new season. Ministry has enhanced even more now because there are two of us and we’re in agreement. The power is there.

Mesha: Before I was with Fabs I was celibate for coming on 15 years. I lived alone, everything I had I’ve worked for it so what’s changed is me allowing someone into my space which I love. I thought my independence was going to be a problem, but I’ve changed for me in a good way. For example, sometimes when he’s out I think ‘when’s he coming home?’ and that alone has shocked me because of the character I had before. It’s about having someone there to share life and companionship with… and iron sharpens iron so we rub against eachother – not in that way…but we do! We’re completely different so we complement one another and we learn from eachother too. It’s amazing. I love married life.

Q6: What sort of projects are you working on for the new year?

Fabio: One of the things we’re focusing on is our vision for Mr and Mrs Da Silva. We want it to be a channel where we speak about things that people are afraid to talk about. Topics that Christians struggle with but don’t want to talk about, Things that they’re bound to. We want to unravel things. Part of our heart in ministry is that we want to see people set free. We know the word of God says that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty and that is our goal, to express liberty through our videos and challenge things that need to be challenged.

Mesha: For myself, I’m definitely wanting to take my career to another level, owning an institution of my own - full and outright ownership of that. Also there are other projects in the pipeline like books. For our YouTube channel we want it to grow and give more people access to our videos.

Q7: What advice would you give a young person who is thinking of finding out more about the Bible or joining a church for the first time?

Fabio: Jesus said ‘go into your room, close the door behind you and pray to your Father in the secret place’. A relationship with God is established through prayer and by seeking Him out one-on-one. Seek Him with a sincere heart and He will answer you sometimes in a way that you least expect it. We know the word says ‘seek and you shall find’. Get grounded in a good church, read the Bible, worship God and just be around sound believers.

Mesha: Be open-minded to the Bible. Do study, be inquisitive. If you feel there’s something you don’t understand in the Bible you have nothing to lose by asking questions. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and if you do venture then you do gain. The doctrine or what the church believes in is definitely important. Make sure you don’t cut people off in your life when you start going to a new church and look out for signs in the actual church which will give you an idea of what goes in in there.

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