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New year dieters set to eat more than non-dieters over Xmas

INDULGE: Christmas dinner (Photo credit: PA Wire)

PLANNING A January diet can reportedly lead to eating more over Christmas.

Dieting or losing weight is still the number one resolution for January - more popular than quitting smoking or getting organised

However, negative thoughts towards weight loss causes weight gain over Christmas.

Mince pies, mulled wine and an abundance of chocolate selection boxes are making their way in to homes across the UK, but those who have the good intentions of losing weight in the new year are surprisingly more likely to overindulge in the calorific temptations on offer over the festive period.

Leading weight loss Hypnotherapist and the Founder of HypnoSlimming, Adam Cox, has investigated the eating patterns of those setting January weight loss goals.

Many will have already decided to put off weight loss and fitness goals until January, giving them the sense that as they prepare to undertake these challenges in the new year, they can make their way through numerous chocolate oranges and several slices of Christmas cake.

However, Adam explains the potential consequences: “Most people look at weight loss or dieting as something negative, something that represents sacrifice. This is why many people that want or need to lose weight will actually consume more over the festive period.

"They have communicated to themselves that they are going to diet or from an evolutionary perspective, experience a famine, and are over consuming as a way to prepare.”

While it makes sense for people to prepare for a genuine time of famine, Adam highlights why this belief system leads to a destructive cycle:

“People who are overweight have the perception that eating food is good and dieting is bad. Dieting represents a sacrifice to the foods they love and enjoy. Discipline and sacrifice can only last so long when the overriding belief is that they want to eat these foods but can’t or shouldn’t.”

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