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'New Year, new you, new life'

CHANGE: New Year, New You, New Life

FROM ME point of view, a new year is nothing but a new day. In a sense, there's nothing magically different between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, except for the fact of human beings' reckoning of time.

Pausing to acknowledge and celebrate a new day, new week, new month, or new year is very useful, however.

Here's why: It offers the ideal opportunity to evaluate your life, assess your progress on your goals, and most important, to start anew.

A new time cycle offers a blank space on the vast canvas of time, to sketch the outline of your desired career and work life, financial life, love life, health, or spiritual life.

As the subsequent hours, days, weeks, and months unfold, you then fill out this outline with the colourful details of specific activities, events and experiences which all come together to create the masterpiece which is your life.

Take time

Everything starts with taking time at the start - of every day, week, month, and year - to decide what outcomes you're committed to achieving for that period.

Take New Year's Day for instance. It's not to be experienced merely as an opportunity to party, enjoy festivities and offer good wishes. Those fun things have their place, don't misunderstand.

But more important is to use the occasion of a new year to start over, to refocus and recommit to the goals and priorities that matter most in your business, career and personal life.

Almost all of us can look back at the missed opportunities, failures and disappointments, setbacks and unfulfilled desires of year 2012.

A new year however, means you can free yourself from the power of these past experiences. Let go of the pain of disappointment. Don't dwell on the missed opportunities. Learn from the failures.

Focus on what new successes you will create in 2013. What you focus on in your mind is what expands to manifest as your life experiences.

Don't limit your vision of what is possible by what journalists and politicians tell you about the poor state of the economy. That doesn't have to determine what you achieve in your career and life, unless you let it.

It's the clarity of your vision, the intensity of your belief, and your level of passion, creativity, resilience and self-discipline which ultimately determine your life. Those things are in your control.

Resolving to manifest the following ideals is a good start to taking charge of what the new year will bring:

For 2013, may you have ...

Enough faith to dare to dream big dreams.

Enough self-discipline to do whatever it takes to make those big dreams a reality.

Enough resilience to transform your adversities into advantage.

Enough setbacks to keep you strong.

Enough successes to keep you motivated.

Enough friends to provide love, support and comfort.

Enough confidence and courage in yourself to strive to make a difference in your home, your community, your company and your country.

Enough determination to stick with the goals you've set until you succeed.

And enough trust in God to know that all things will work for your good, no matter what happens.

Glenford Smith is a motivational speaker and success strategist. He is the author of a new book "From Problems to Power: How to Win Over Worry and Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities".

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