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New year, same you - but better

GET FIT: Fitness guide for 2019

THE NEW Year has arrived and thank God that it has. I am well and truly happy to be in the year 2019 - sometimes it feels like I have been given another chance at life, another chance to go above and beyond and another year to become healthier, stronger and fitter.

I hear a lot of chatter about achieving the perfect body in time for summer or the next big holiday, but we all know how difficult it is after indulging in all the mince pies and mulled wine. But it’s time to get back to basics - put the festive treats down and start dusting off the home gym equipment, the gym membership card and start picking up new lifestyle habits as they do say it takes 30 days to implement a new one.

I will not misinform you in saying that the journey in any capacity is easy because if it were, we'd all be doing it. However, a great way to start and the steps that I follow for myself is firstly getting in the right zone and the right frame of my mind by confirming that this is something that I truly desire. If so, then making this priority is the priority and a significant step that is often lost amongst the many other prioritised tasks.

Every year and even daily a new article on the top 10 things to do, the top 10 exercises, how to kick habits and how to get abs in 30 days is published, so we always know that we will never go hungry on fitness tips and advice.

However, the key is your psychology. You need to crave the change and growth, the rewards and the benefits rather than what society influences. Spend less time thinking about the monumental change, because real progress and success is achieved from the incremental targets that we set ourselves and truly master.

Creating a realistic schedule to follow is paramount; without the ability to do so, consistency becomes grueling. Discover what interests you and what motivates you to help you stay on track. There are so many ways to stay fit, so there is no need to feel as though you must be amongst the five thousand fulfilling there new years resolution at your local health club. You can discover the things that give you life and fitness right at home.

Ask yourself this question, “what is the ultimate goal?” once answered, visualize and begin to progress towards the goal one day at a time. Without an aim you can feel stagnant or that you are simply moving with the current. Feeling driven will certainly help you to attain and track your results visually, mentally and physically.

Next is the biggest challenge for most, which is the elimination of bad dietary habits. My suggestion to you - which has worked for my clients and I - is before taking the plunge of completely abolishing all items in the kitchen cupboard and resorting to just water and vegetables, write a food diary for clarification on current eating habits. This will allow you to identify what your cravings are and what time of the day you tend to be at your most vulnerable to temptations. Once this has been identified, you can begin to remove bad foods from your diet and, from your research and planning, add new nutritional foods into your meal plan.

Finally, I’d recommend getting a gym buddy if hiring a personal trainer is slightly out of your New Year budget. I realise that the will to get up and get fit it is not always so forthcoming. The lack of motivation to attend a gym, or a class can be testing, having someone who can attend with you instills accountability and helps make the training and experience far more enjoyable and effective.

So to sum this up, if you wish to burn away those indulgent Christmas treats and bring forth a fitter, healthier and better you from here on out, then I strongly recommend you do the following 6 things:

1. Make health and fitness a priority
2. Change your mindset
3. Create a realistic training schedule
4. Have a goal
5. Start a food diary
6. Have a training partner

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