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Neymar carries Brazil on his shoulders

TWO OF A KIND: Ronaldinho and Neymar (right)

BRAZIL AND Bareclona legend Ronaldinho was on a recent whistlestop visit to London. Now 37, the World Cup and Champions League winner spoke to the Voice of Sport’s Crystal Davis about compatriot Neymar, his country’s World Cup hopes and the Premier League.

CD: Would Neymar succeed in the Premier League?
Ronaldinho: Definitely! Neymar would fit into any league at any club, it is always said that the greatness players would adapt themselves to fit into anywhere.

With 83 caps, 53 goals and 36 assists for the national side, at 25-years old, can Neymar take Brazil to World Cup glory?
With God he will, he carries our whole nation on his shoulders and at this moment he is our icon. I wish that he continues to perform well and bring the World Cup to Brazil.

Why is there suddenly a negative press surrounding the world’s most expensive player? Is it bitter hatred, jealousy or something else?
The feeling should be admiration. Jealousy doesn’t fit into this, and this should be taken as an example to everyone to reach this level. Criticism will always happen everywhere. Whoever is shinning the media will talk more either positive or negative, but he will respond on the field with more titles, that will be his response. As a human being he is a wonderful person.

Can this current Brazil team reclaim the World Cup in Russia?
Definitely. Football is made of moments. What happened in Rio was a terrible moment (being beaten 7-1 by eventual winners Germany), an unforgettable moment but Brazil reclaiming the World Cup would wipe away that bad moment.


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