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NFL player confronted fan he says used racial slur

PICTURED: Leonard Fournette

A RACIAL slur was the reason for Leonard Fournette’s confrontation with a fan, the player has said.

Fournette got into an altercation with a NFL supporter at a game last Thursday, a clip of the incident was then posted online yesterday.

The Jacksonville Jaguars running back was filmed shouting at a fan in the crowd. He said: “You’re too old for that.

“I’m gonna beat your ass.”

Video footage of the incident was published by TMZ.

After meeting with Fournette, Doug Marrone, the Jaguars head coach, told a press conference: “He said there was a racial slur, so that’s what was told to me.”

He added no one else had mentioned the slur but said: “I trust the player.”

Players who are involved in clashes with fans can face disciplinary action but Marrone did not suggest that would be a consequence.

“That’s kind of a tough one, when it’s a racial slur, and that’s what the player tells you,” he said.

One of Fournette’s teammates, TJ Yeldon, supported his account of the incident.

"Did I hear it? Yeah," ESPN reported Yeldon said. "All the running backs and people on the offensive side were hearing the exchange. They were heckling at us all game, at him and all of us all game.

"All night. All night. All day they was calling us racial slurs, all game."

Fournette has been suspended once already this season for fighting with Shaq Lawson of the Buffalo Bills.

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