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NHS must avoid ‘poaching’ medical staff


A NEW report has stated that the NHS should not poach doctors and nurses from poorer countries which need them in a bid to fix its own staffing issues.

In a report published by The Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), it said bids to recruit medical staff overseas and encourage them to come to the UK could put the health of developing countries at risk.

It said the NHS must change the way it works to avoid being accused of ‘poaching’ health workers from poorer countries which cannot afford to lose their skills, and that the Government should focus on training ‘its own people to run hospitals and doctors surgeries.’

“The UK is no longer (if it ever was) the most desirable destination for health workers,” the report said. “The UK therefore has every reason to be one of the first countries to recognise that there are no winners in this escalation of international recruitment.'

It said 'less competition' and working together to increase funding to train healthcare workers was the solution.

The report comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the NHS “needs a new Windrush Generation” to solve staffing shortfalls.

The comments made last month where met with scepticism from critics who have not forgotten last year’s Windrush scandal.

Many members of the Windrush Generation, an estimated 50,000, faced the threat of deportation, being denied access to free healthcare and the right to work and claim benefits because they lacked adequate documentation to prove their British citizenship.

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