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Nigerian business going worldwide

HIGH HOPES: Chidi Umeano says that Nigeria – and Africa – have a big role to play in the global economy and should be striking up more deals with nations across the world

NIGERIA’S PROMISING opportunities have earned it worldwide recognition as the largest economy in Africa. To confirm that status and encourage business owners and investors into its vibrant market Nigerian Investment Gateway (NIG), is holding its annual exhibition which will showcase the very best of the country.

NIG was established to promote the potential of the country, by painting Nigeria as the prime destination for business and investment.

Chairman of the organisation, Chidi Umeano, has high hopes for the country.

He said: “The youth population, the diversity, language, food and mineral resources are all the things that drew me into this initiative.

“Our main goal is to promote the opportunities in Nigeria across Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States.

“We want to function as a prime prospect gateway to increase foreign direct investments into the country.”

While Nigeria is no stranger to foreign investment, the nation still offers exceptional opportunities. Umeano added: “At the moment, Nigeria is a virgin land, especially in light of Brexit.

“Opportunities have increased for UK businesses because Britain is looking for new partners. Africa is an existing partner, but there are opportunities that are still untapped.” Despite its prospects, Umeano is aware of the existing barriers that have restricted Nigeria’s potential, but he has seen the positive side to over - coming them. He said: “There have been challenges in the system, for example, the infrastructure or security in parts of the country but I look at this as an opportunity. There’s potential in this market to bring in billions to the UK.”

Umeano added: “With this event, we want to give global investors the opportunity to speak directly with the local communities and businesses to see the wide range of very attractive and staple opportunities there are.”

Speaking of its advantages and benefits, Umeano explained: “It gives them the chance to see the diverse business sector first hand.” He continued: “They can speak to people on issues with security, risk factors and how they got their money back.

“Not only are we trying to create awareness, we are trying to connect investors and local businesses.”

With a plan to create sustainable relationships between Nigeria and investors, Umeano wants to encourage the youthful population to take interest.


“One of the challenges we know is that the younger generation and the small medium enterprises have is access to international standards," he said.

“This event will give those youngsters the chance to have access to the global market.”

Putting fears to rest, he explained why investors might be scared of investing in Nigeria. “The image that has been painted of Nigeria hasn’t been a good one and I want to use this opportunity to correct this and show them the real image of Nigeria,” he said.

Urging investors and businesses owners to tap into Nigeria’s promising sector, Umeano added: “There are a lot of young entrepreneurs that should ask themselves how they can expand their horizons and not limit themselves to Britain because there are great opportunities in Africa, and especially Nigeria.”

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