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Nigeria's bobsled hero, witnessing hip-hop history plus more


MY US trip continued from NYC to ATL this week, as I went from the home of hip-hop, in the Bronx, New York to the Pop up Museum of Trap Music in ATL…seriously I kid you not! T.I. has curated a pop-up trap museum, how sick is that!

The pop up museum opened on September 30th as T.I also marked the 15th anniversary of the genre-defining album Trap Muzik, proving the ATL native continues to set levels despite the debate surrounding his role in trap music’s birth.

I also attended the five-day A3C Music Conference & Festival in Atlanta. Founded in 2005, this event has grown from a local showcase to become one of the most important hip-hop events of the year.

The conference is the best event to network and learn from the innovators, entrepreneurs and music makers that shape hip-hop music and culture. The Festival was LIT and my favourite performance was Lil Wayne by far, although it was good to see the Diplomats together again!

I made it back in time to London to support the best British Basketball league team, London Lions, as they took part in the British All Stars Tournament.

Unfortunately we didn’t win it, but congrats to the winning team, the Surrey Scorchers. I still had a great time catching up with the fellas from college and basketball days!

In addition to music, I forayed into the world of sport this week, as I interviewed Olympian and founder of Nigeria’s first Bobsled team Seun Adigun. Read it all below:

Q: How did get into bobsled and what made you start your own team?

A: I had several friends from track & field who had gone into the sport. While I was cheering for them during the 2014 Winter Games, it sparked an interest for me to want to try the sport.

MAKING HISTORY: Nigeria's bobsled team

I eventually tried out and made the US team, and after one year in the sport I realised my participation had grown to be much larger than me. The sport was looking to grow and the country of Nigeria was looking for its first class of winter Olympians, so I pulled my resources together and started the Nigerian team.

Q: How does it feel to be compared to a legendary and inspiring movie such as Cool Runnings?

A: It's actually quite of an honour. Here we are, 30 years later, and people are still singing the praises of these incredible men. If this team could create the same legendary impact, it would truly be a blessing.

Q: Tell us how being a key face of Nigeria and a leading black woman - how has that impacted your life and outlook?

A: It has driven my internal purpose. It has helped me understand that the ability to inspire others to aspire is the greatest honour God could give someone. I want to continue to provide hope and opportunity to as many people as I can.

Q: Prior to bobsled, what sport where you involved in?

A: My first love in sports was basketball, but I was a 2012 summer Olympian in track & field prior to my winter sports debut.

Q: How did you become the first Nigerian athlete to compete in both the summer and winter Olympics?

A: As one can imagine, there are not many African countries who have the exposure to winter sports. It is common ground for the continent to have representation on warm weather sports, so with the introduction of more winter sports participation from African countries, hopefully we will continue to have more dual Olympians.

Q: Apart form an athlete you are also a Dr, how did you balance the workload from both sides of your profession?

A: It certainly is not an easy balance. I am very particular about time management. I keep a daily task list and I also put everything in my calendar to keep me on top of my workload.

Q: It’s fair to say brands are lining up to collaborate with you, how important is it for you to be aligned with key brands?

A: It is extremely important because I represent all that I am. Whoever I chose to align myself with is also a reflection of the things I believe. When those relationships are established with integrity and genuine intention the sky is the limit on the type of positive impact we can collectively have on the world.

Q: Your brand seems to be growing rapidly in the UK, was that something you set out to do and do you have plans on doing few things in the UK?

A: Absolutely! I'm actually honoured by the reception of everyone in the UK, especially because I consider London to be another home. It's always good to receive love, and I fully hope to reciprocate that love to everyone in the UK in the near future.

Q: What is your advice for young women who are inspired by your achievements?

I encourage them to not just be inspired, but take that feeling and aspire for greatness within themselves. Woman have a gift of power living within our very existence - we just have to open the door and unleash it.

Q: What should we be expecting from you next?

A: A LOT! I'm always up to something - haha! I am still very involved in the Bobsled & Skeleton Federation of Nigeria as a Global Ambassador and a director of bobsled. I am also working on a personal project of my own as a chiropractor, building an injury prevention and rehabilitation facility. And working to change the face of beauty.

Q: Where can we find you and follow your journey?
My website: or M. Seun Adigun on Facebook, @Seun_MsAmazing on IG & Twitter

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