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Nile Rodgers talks Stormzy, Grenfell and new music

CANDID: Nile Rodgers

MUSIC LEGEND Nile Rodgers was a guest on Matt Wilkinson’s Beats 1 show yesterday (Feb 20).

During the interview, the music legend discussed Stormzy’s win at the Brits, working as a volunteer at the Grenfell Tower tragedy, working on an album with Debbie Harry (which he hasn’t discussed before, I believe) and recording Let’s Dance with Bowie in one take.

Speaking on Stormzy, Rodgers said: "Not only did it feel right [Stormzy winning] but I had a sense of pride. First of all, I was a volunteer, when I went over to the Tower to work [Stormzy discussed the tragedy during his BRITs performance].

"I got there and I thought they were just going to go ‘oh my god, Nile Rodgers is here’. But I got there and they gave me some gloves. They said, ‘you see all that stuff over there? Go over there and sort it out’. I said ‘Wow, you guys are really organised’…You know, when we had to do something on this level in New York it was all over the map. You guys have pre-sorted it.

"I know that this is gonna go in this bin. I worked there for hours and met wonderful kids that were dedicated. I was wrapped up in the emotion of the community, also what had happened. I had just flown into London the day before. It was just heavy.

"I don’t live here and I flew into town and I have very well-to-do friends who live just a few blocks away. You see these beautiful houses only blocks away. And then the next thing you know and we’re all volunteering and gathering up clothing. And meanwhile my friends who are multi-multi-multi millionaires and I’m saying there’s something a little bit wrong with this picture, but also there was something quite right because those people were also volunteering too."

the music also discussed new music he's working on, tipped to be released later this year. "I’ve just finished this new record with Debbie Harry that is just fantastic. It started out as a Debbie record, and then I started to rearrange it and rewrite it and it became a Chic record.

"So I called her up and I said ‘can it be Chic feat. Blondie or Chic feat. Debbie Harry?’ - and she said ‘Nile, I love that’. And then when I ran into HAIM last night I said ‘I love the way you play, I love your attitude, I love the fact that you guys believe that you kick ass, so I want you to come and play on the Debbie Harry record, have you ever met her?’. It would be amazing. It would be killer."

listen to more of his interview on beats 1 below:

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