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Nile Rogers shares his own Ryanair experience

PICTURED: Nile Rodgers

THE ONSLAUGHT of bad press continues for Ryanair following the viral video of an unidentified man racially abusing an elderly Jamaican woman.

After receiving millions of views and catching the attention of police to politicians, musician Nile Rodgers has shared his own personal experiences on the budget airline.

Rodgers claimed Ryanair staff wouldn’t give him a glass of water for his cancer medication while on board a flight. He made the statement on Twitter in reference to the highly shared video.

He said: "I wish someone had video tape of how @Ryanair treated me after I’d just had a #cancer operation and needed a simple glass of water to take medication."

"As in this case a passenger came to my aid because I didn’t have the small amount of money for the water. UGH!"

Rodgers underwent surgery to remove a cancerous growth on his kidney last year after doctors found ‘two different cancers within one mass’ after he was taken to hospital with E. Coli.

He was previously diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer, back in 2010 and received the all-clear three years later.

Since sharing the tweet, followers have commented on Rodger's experience. One said: "The whole procedure of treating passengers is unacceptable but done under the excuse "therefore we are the cheapest" - only one alternative - don't fly Ryanair and make them bleed! But that needs masses to react!!"

Another user tweeted: "Refusing to give a customer water, to help the customer take his medication, is as low as an organization can go. That airline belongs in the Thatcher era of enterprise over decency"

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