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No criminal action for boys who staged “mock slave auction"

NO CRIMINAL ACTION: Avon and Somerset Police recommended a community resolution for the two boys who admitted taking part (Image: Avon and Somerset Police)

STUDENTS WHO staged a “mock slave auction” at a school in Bath will not face any criminal action.

A group of white teenagers chained a black boy from their year group to a lampost, whipped him with branches and called him the n-word and “cotton picker”, according to local news website Bath Live.

Avon and Somerset Police has not disclosed details of the incident.

The Crown Prosecution Service gathered enough evidence to charge one of the boys but Avon and Somerset Police suggested a community resolution instead, the BBC reported.

As part of the community resolution, two of the boys were required to admit their involvement in the incident and apologise for their actions.

The other five boys who were present during the incident that took place at a school that has not been named in January, did not admit to being involved.

A police spokesperson told Bath Live: “Every aspect of the incident has been taken into account, including the wishes of the victim’s family, and as a result two boys will be subject to a community resolution process for their part in the offence.

“Community resolutions are a powerful tool focusing on reparation and are considered to be the most appropriate outcome in this case. Community resolutions are always rigorously monitored to ensure they are effective and the involvement of Sari will be a key part of this process.

“We take hate crime extremely seriously and recognise the devastating impact it can have on victims and their lives. There’s no room for this type of crime in Avon and Somerset and we’ll continue to work with our partner agencies and communities to stamp out offences motivated by prejudice or hate.”

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