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Noel Clarke shuts down Bulletproof critics

Bulletproof: Noel Clarke has had to point out to critics that he and Ashley Walters play police officers in their new show

NOEL CLARKE has shut down critics of his new show Bulletproof after a headteacher and a parent modified a billboard promoting the programme.

Richard Selby, the father of an eight-year-old, and Graham Clifford, the headteacher at Willowbrooke primary in Leytonstone, pasted an image of a giant carrot cartoon and hairdryer over the guns held by Walters and Clarke in the poster.

Clarke, who plays a police officer alongside Ashley Walters in the new Sky One show, said: “Cute story. Rightly protective dad. Appreciate that kids need to see positive messages n [sic] we despise gun crime. But. 1: we are the police 2: Do posters with white actors holding guns get covered and does that make news? Sit. Think and ask yourself that.”

Speaking to the East London and West Essex Guardian, Selby said: “In light of recent horrible shootings, it feels wrong, poorly timed. If it was ever right, it’s definitely not right now. I just thought, let’s do something about this.”

Bulletproof airs on Sky One from tomorrow (May 15) at 9pm.

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