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Obama is a 'Loathsome Creature', according to Nigel Farage

NIGEL FARAGE: The UKIP figurehead enjoys a pint while he waves his flag

IN ADDITION to anecdotal reports of a rise in racist and anti-Muslim abuse from US social media users, Nigel Farage has amped-up the current racial tension by adding his unique UK perspective to the election chatter.

Speaking on a national UK radio station, Farage who is currently the Interim Leader for UKIP having previously stepped-down as party head before making a swift return; made various comments about how a future President Trump might conduct deals with the UK. Along with his 'advice' on how Trump might interact with Prime Minister Theresa May, Farage offered an opinion on President Obama which has been lauded as racist by commentators, journalists and the public from a wide range of backgrounds including football icon Gary Linekar;

"That Obama creature – a loathsome individual who couldn’t stand our country,” said Farage.

Referencing a 'creature' which denotes something animalistic seems to be a stark contrast with how the majority of international politicians and celebrities who themselves have traditionally stayed out of politics; often describe President Obama and his family;

"Michelle, thank you so much for every single thing that you do for us — I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to," says Beyonce about the First Lady.

Farage's criticism of the President's supposed anti-UK position seems strange considering the UKIP leader's own take on other countries which was so evident in his campaign for the UK to leave Europe and to maintain a stronger sense of national cultural identity. Perhaps now Trump is about to take the US mantle, Farage may feel he will have more in common ideologically with America's forthcoming strategies on immigration; which we are promised will include the insistent idea of building a wall to separate the country from Mexico.

This latest Farage-ism seems to have united the media also, with The Times newspaper (which would usually be considered a right-wing platform) columnist and author Caitlin Moran coming out firmly against the comments;

"Nigel Farage calling Barack Obama a 'loathsome creature' is the absolute anal low-point of a year when bigotry stopped disguising itself."

The current President himself has so far declined to comment on Farage's insult.

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