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'Obamamania' as former US President returns to Kenya

POPULAR: Barack Obama in Kenya with President Uluru Kenyatta (Photo credit: Reuters)

BARACK OBAMA made his return to Kenya, causing excitement in the small village of Kogelo as this was his first visit since 2006.

Mr Obama arrived in the country on Sunday (Jul 15) to inaugurate a youth project run by his sister.

Known as the Sauti Kuu Foundation, it will be a sports facility and vocational training centre.

The former US president made a low key arrival to the East African nation, where he met Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House in the capital, Nairobi.

Following this, Mr Obama attended the launch of a youth foundation, where he was seen dancing and enjoying himself as performers took to the stage.

Mr Obama spoke fondly of the village and the potential of the young people within it. He also noted that the youth when given opportunity can hold elected leaders accountable and their voices be heard in addressing issues like corruption and negative ethnicity which has proved to be a major issue in the society.

“This is why I am here today to launch Sauti Kuu Foundation, which is a center seeking to build the youth from early stages of life and use local resources in building themselves and a better society,” he said.

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