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'One Born Every Minute' midwife speaks to The Voice

A STAR IS BORN: Shantelle Smith, centre, alongside fellow midwives appearing on Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute

A WOMAN who achieved her dream of becoming a midwife is to appear on national TV to give insights into the profession next week.

Shantelle Smith will speak of her life-changing experiences on April 4’s episode of One Born Every Minute, the BAFTA-winning Channel 4 programme which highlights the goings on in the maternity unit at Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

Shantelle, who lives in the southern part of the Sec- ond City, said she had second thoughts when first approached about appearing on the TV show. “I wasn’t sure about being on TV, but a woman came in who wanted to film, so I said yes. It was nerve-wracking but then I got used to the cameras and the production team were really nice,” she said.

The 28-year-old was inspired to train to be a midwife following her own experiences after having her daughter Amiyah, who was one when she decided to proceed into higher education to pursue her dream.

She continued: “When I left school I was a hairdresser and beautician – I knew I wanted to be a midwife, but didn’t think I was ready as it’s such a big responsibility. But having my daughter was a turning point and made me realise that was what I wanted to do.

“I love my job. Sometimes it’s hard and there are stressful times, but when you get home you can think, ‘I brought a new life into the world today’, and that’s amazing.”

Without exhibiting personal strength and determination, and receiving some help, Shantelle’s professional aspirations would not have come true. Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Midwifery at the University of Wolverhampton three years ago, Shantelle openly speaks of the challeng- es she faced, managing child- care as a single parent.

“My tutor, Pauline Lim, was a great help with both the educational and personal side,” said Shantelle. “It was really difficult at times, and I wanted to give up at points. But the support I received from my tutor and my mum really pushed me on to continue, and having my daughter gave me that drive.

“I made really good friends while I was doing the course. We all work at different hospitals now, but we all still keep in touch, and I think that they will be tuning in to watch the show!”

Tune into next week's episode of One Born Every Minute on Wednesday April 4 at 9pm on Channel 4.

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