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One in five Brits OK with MPs and CEOs smoking cannabis

LIBERAL VIEWS: One in five Brits think it’s OK for MPs and CEOs to smoke cannabis while in post

ONE IN five Brits think it’s OK for MPs and CEOs to smoke cannabis, a new survey from YouGov has revealed.

The study, which looked at the attitudes Brits have towards drug use, found that 19 per cent of respondents believe it is acceptable for public figures such as politicians and chief executives to be working and to take cannabis occasionally.

A greater number of Brits (43 per cent) said that they believed it was ok for such public figures to have used cannabis in the past, but disagreed that it was acceptable for them to continue to take the drug while they were in their post.

At the other end of the scale, the survey revealed that almost a third of Brits (31 per cent) believe that people should be prohibited from working in such roles if they have ever taken cannabis previously.

Attitudes towards cannabis are becoming more liberal around the world, with more and more countries legalising the use of the drug under various conditions.

When it comes to demographics, there is a split between young people and old people when it comes to drug use.

Younger people’s views on cannabis use are more liberal – 30 per cent of 18-24 year olds believe it is acceptable for MPs and CEOs to smoke weed.

Eighteen per cent of 18-24 year olds agree that someone should be barred from holding public office if they have ever taken cannabis, compared to 40 per cent of those aged 65 and older.

This week South Africa became the latest country to permit the use of the drug for personal use.

In America, the drug has also been legalised in certain states, Canada has also followed suit and approved the recreational use of cannabis earlier this year.

In recent months, numerous high profile cases around the use of medicinal cannabis products have renewed a national debate on whether or not the drug should be legal in the UK.

The cases, which involved young children, generated a considerable amount of public support.

Among those calling for the drug to be legalised in the UK is former leader of the Conservative party William Hague.

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