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One Love: A culturally uplifting festival for all

VIBES: Rasta will be the order of the day at the 2019 One Love Festival

A GREATER focus on all things ema- nating from the Rasta faith underpin the 2019 One Love Festival set to take place at The Hop Farm in Kent later this year.

Highlighting the way of life of the Rastafari movement, the Rasta Village will be hosted by IQulah Rastafari Giddeon Family in association with the Rastafari Andahnet Center (St Ann, Jamaica) and the Ethiopian World Federation.


A central marquee will be the heart of activity during the festival, where you can enjoy workshops such as; yoga, sound baths, meditations, communal drumming sessions and active art exhibitions.

One Love’s mindful workshops have been selected for both children and adults alike, spreading a message of love, community and empowerment.

Organisers have said: “The Space of Love will provide you with a happy and welcoming environment, where you can contemplate the many unseen wonders of our world in a big bubble of love.”

Situated around the marquee hub will be handpicked stalls among the trees to explore, offering services such as healing and massage.

The Ethiopian World Federation are also set to present a workshop on the works and times of HIM, Emperor Haile Selassie I, the early rise of the Rastafari and the Ethiopian movements.

Rastafari is rightly associated with Jamaica for defending Emperor Haile Selassie.

The island of Jamaica gave both to the movement in the 1930s. Rastafari culture rejects many of the conditions of modern society they consider degenerate, in- cluding materialism, oppression and sensual pleasures.

They refer to this corrupt version of society as “Babylon”, which is directly opposite of “Zion”, the promised land, often considered Ethiopia.

One of the more culturally uplifting festivals available on these shores, traditional attendees can engage in Nyabinghi drumming and chanting amid “the natural smell of the wood re pit and herb and spice garden”.


In the Village, you’ll be surrounded by the Rastafarian life in motion and will see the principles of living in harmony with nature and the role of Haile Selassie I.

Adding to the experience, festival-goers can witness food preparation through the Ital village kitchen, showing the vegetables, herbs and spices used in Rastafarian cooking, showing the nutritional and culinary importance of each ingredient.

There will also be a herb library, where your guide will explain the medicinal properties of the many herbs grown there and, in some cases, those which scientists are beginning to investigate for their use in scientific remedies.

Last month, festival director Dan Wiltshire revealed another cohort of names that will be performing at the Kent site, the first time the festival has been back there since 2012.

Fan favourites such as The Abyssinians, ALAM, Bobo El Numero Uno, Yellowman, Warrior King, Benjamin Zephaniah and Macka B, plus many more will all be on the bill.

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