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Our day at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

BLUE HEAVEN: A stunning Lamborghini

PETROL HEADS descended on West Sussex to pay homage to the fastest, loudest, most sophisticated and outrageous competition machinery that ever graced the race tracks and rally stages of the world.

The 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed, staged between June 29 – July 2 brought together motorsport’s world-renowned garden party, to ogle at an assortment of precious metal that fell under the banner of ‘Peaks of Performance – Motorsport’s Game- Changers’.

For the 25th running of this unique event that every year attracts the finest race and rally – and two-wheeled kit that ever turned a wheel, attendees took in those cars and bikes that were so good the rules were tweaked or rewritten to give rivals a chance.

Among the assortment of classics from the past century or more of endeavour were 1,000 bhp turbocharged Grand Prix cars of the 1980s, unlimited Group 7 sports cars from the glory days of Can-Am, the 750kg-formula European Championship leviathans of the mid-1930s and the be-winged beasts of rallying’s Group B era. Bike-racing fans marvelled at many of the iconic 500cc Grand Prix bikes with their light-switch throttles and two-stroke power bands, as well as 200bhp-plus MotoGP missiles and Isle of Man TT and World Superbike winners.

In simple terms, it was a noisy smoke-filled celebration of things that go quickly!

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