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Outbound travel from London costs up to 276% more

TRAVELLERS TAKING the same route on identical modes of transport would normally expect to pay the same price for one journey as they would for heading in the opposite direction. However, a new study into the cost of travelling along Britain’s most searched for routes reveals wildly diverse pricing.

The findings reveal some travellers could be paying up to 276% more to leave London compared to taking the opposite journey into the capital, highlighting the need to compare journey times and prices in advance of travel.

Looking at a major commuter hotspot, the 70% increase in ticket price for a London to Brighton trip is £3.50 more than workers pay for their journey into work, resulting in an additional annual expense of £7981.

Commuters from Luton suffer a £3 difference in ticket price – costing them an extra £628 per year – and a ticket heading back to Reading from London is 43% more expensive than the reverse leg.

The research from travel search engine gopili also found that when compared with the return trip to London, those departing for Glasgow pay 117% more (a £25 difference), while it costs an extra 114% to head to Cambridge and 36% more to Cardiff.

There is an even greater disparity with coach travel. Going from Nottingham to London costs over three and half times less (276%) than the £5.50 reverse leg and going to Luton from the capital costs an extra 73% compared to a ticket heading in the opposite direction.

In other areas of the UK, an £18.50 coach journey from Aberdeen to Edinburgh is 235% more expensive than departing from the Scottish capital.

However, this is not the case across all routes. Coach journeys including London-Manchester and London-Oxford provide equal prices for both legs of the trip, while trains between London-Liverpool and London-Birmingham prove that transport providers can offer identical deals each way.

The research also looked at the cost per mile of the most popular travel routes across the country and found some were as much as 27 times more expensive than others. At just over 38p per mile, a coach trip from Bath to Bristol eclipses the 1p per mile cost of a journey from Bristol to London and stands at almost four times the national average coach expense of 10p per mile.

The research also discovered that opting for the wrong mode of transport for a return trip will cost an extra £15.20 on average2 and this is felt most by those taking the train from London to Nottingham. The coach trip between the two English cities is over ten times cheaper than the equivalent rail option.

However, the train still represents the best price for commuters travelling from Brighton to London as the ticket is almost half the price than the corresponding coach journey (55%)3. Even the more expensive return leg is still cheaper by train than by coach.

Rodolphe Morfoise-Gauthier, UK Country Manager of gopili said:

“These variances in prices between both legs of a journey and between modes of transport provide customers with the chance to make savings that they may have been unaware of. Brits should undertake careful research before setting off on their journey to ensure they get the best value for money possible.”

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