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Outrage as boy dies after beating from teacher in Tanzania

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: The 13-year-old boy died just days after the beating

THE DEATH of a boy in Tanzania following a beating from a teacher has caused outrage in the country.

Sperius Eradius, who was 13 years old, died on August 27, just days after he was subjected to the corporal punishment.

His death has prompted campaigners to call on the Tanzanian government to review the use of beatings as a way to reprimand children in schools.

Tanzania’s health ministry is looking into the incident, The Guardian reported.

The boy’s parents reportedly refused to bury their son until the teacher was arrested and the school principal suspended.

Rights groups and campaigners have condemned the use of corporal punishment and urged the government to review its use.

Among those speaking out about the case is the Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA).

It described the beating as “cruel and inhumane”, Independent Online reported.

Corporal punishment is legal under Tanzanian law. Teachers are allowed to strike students up to four times on the hands or buttocks with a flexible stick, East Africa Monitor reported.

Female students are only permitted to be beaten by female teachers.

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