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Parking: how to avoid costly mistakes

TIPS: Gladden's parking tips

MANY OF us can find parking and looking for the right spot quite challenging but sometimes we also forget about checking our surroundings when we leave the car.
A few simple checks can avoid costly and irritating car park mistakes and make your trip a lot less stressful.

Here are some parking tips from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladden.

• Pick the right spot. If you are out with friends or off to watch a movie alone, be conscious of the area in which you choose to park.

• Costs of parking. Always carry change, a mobile phone or a bank card. If you are not a change carrier leave a few coins in your coin compartment and close the lid.

• Timing is everything. Try not to choose a location you know will be busy at peak times or wait for the key time when the parking regulations change.

• Take your time. Don’t succumb to the pressure of time or people around you. Rushing could lead to costly mistakes.

• Be on the lookout. Always check whether a parking permit is required and take note of where you parked.

• Spot the danger signs – for example parking next to the trolley bay on a Saturday afternoon, broken glass in the darkest corners or parking next to a scruffy vehicle or people carrier.

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