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Petition to tackle absent fathers

IMPACT: Fatherhood

A GROUP of independent female filmmakers have come together to bring about change in the law regarding absentee fathers.

While working on a film drama production which explores the impact absent fathers have on the life of a child, they discovered that fathers who desert the family home are able to easily relinquish their responsibilities, and should they decide to re-enter the child’s life they can get full access – something the filmmakers felt was unfair so decided to launch a petition to change this state of affairs.

Laurelle Barker, who’s producing the film Absent, and part of the collective pushing the petition, told The Voice: “The petition is to speci cally look at fathers who neglect their parental responsibilities out of choice.

“The idea is to present workshops to educate them on the effects they have when they do what they do, and in extreme cases they get a prison sentence for neglect.”

Visit to sign the petition.

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