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Pick up a pen...It’s National Writing Day

EVENTS: Activities are taking place across the country – at various locations and online – to mark National Writing Day

THIS YEAR’S National Writing Day today (June 27) is being celebrated with a host of literary and writing workshops for adults and children across the UK.

National Writing Day is coordinated by literacy charity First Story and designed to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to get into writing.

First Story’s message is simple: “Everyone has a story to tell and sharing it can be a source of pleasure and power. Studies have also shown that writing can benefit educational growth, promote wellbeing and build confidence through self-expression.”

Despite the benefits of writing, the National Literacy Trust recently published a report which found that “children and young people’s enjoyment of writing and how often they write in their spare time is in decline”.

Fewer than one in five children write for non-school related reasons, and children outside London are the least likely to enjoy writing or to write beyond the school curriculum.

With plans to increase childhood engagement, the trust has lined up a slew of activities that are hosted by special guests. Find BBC Writersroom hosting a live Q&A on Twitter, Theatre Uncut staging short plays written exclusively by women in response to the #MeToo movement in Hull as well as mass writing workshops with over 3,500 students at schools across Lincolnshire.

With opportunities to get involved taking place up and down the country, many of the events take place online, with downloadable or interactive resources. Don’t miss the opportunity to join and share your stories using the hashtag #nationalwritingday.

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