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Piers Morgan says he identifies as a black woman


PIERS MORGAN has been criticised over "bigoted" comments he made on Good Morning Britain today (May 16).

During an interview with journalist Harriet Minter and Professor Eric Anderson, the topic of discussion was about monogamy, which turned into Morgan grilling them both about gender neutrality and race identity issues.

After the professor said that he believes everybody should have the cultural freedom to define their own selves, Piers was not happy.

He said: "So a white man can identify as a black man? Are you serious? Okay, I now identify as a black non-binary. I'm allowed to do it."

Piers added: "You don't have the option to choose between being black or white. You're either one or the other. Where does this end?"

Unsurprisingly, Morgan's comments sparked an uproar on Twitter, with one user writing: "as if piers morgan didn't seem like a t*t already, he said he identified as black woman when talking to two non-binary people...." with another adding: "Am I seriously listening to Piers Morgan trying to justify calling himself a black woman in a debate about gender?"

A third added: "equating their gender expression with Piers Morgan hypothetical claims to be a black woman is ridiculous."

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