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'A Place In The Sun' presenter is our new TV screen queen

ON A ROLL: Scarlette Douglas is launching her own YouTube channel this year after presenting A Place In The Sun for three years

SCARLETTE DOUGLAS has hosted Channel Four’s A Place In The Sun for the
last three years, fusing her love for property and real estate with a her entrepreneurial spirit while also making inroads on her next career target.

Far from satis ed with the exposure she gets on the show, the Hertfordshire-born presenter has her eye on emulating some of the greatest names ever to grace our screens.

Talking to The Voice, the 31-year-old explained a bit about how getting into television and working with properties was quite possibly destiny personified. “Both of my brothers used to be footballers and the eldest one put money into property,” she enthused."

“He bought a bridal store and that didn’t work and was in a position where he had to sell off a load of his properties. He pulled me aside when I was 25 and said, ‘I know you’re young now, but you’re not going to be young forever, you don’t have a pension, you’re self-employed and you should really invest in property. I am going to take you under my wing, put our money together and show you how the property development
game works.’

“I was like, ‘Yeah, OK’. I learned a lot from my brother.”

Talking about her interests and influences growing up, Douglas says her journey to this point could have led her down a very different path. “My dad set up the radio station WNK, it was formerly known as RJR on pirate radio and was one of the rst stations to be legally established,” she said.

“I’ve always been around music, since I was a child. I think the station went official in 1987, which is the year I was born, and also the year that Black History Month was started, which my dad was a part of.

“I started dancing when I was three and got into musicals when I was slightly older. From the age of 16-19 I went to performing arts college. I always wanted to be a singer in a girl band for so long that my mum suggested that I do that, so I could become an all round performer.


“When I left college at 19 I went into musicals – I did those for eight years. The last one I did was I Can’t Sing, the X-Factor musical that Harry Hill wrote and was produced by Syco, Simon Cowell’s company. It was supposed to be a year, but we closed early in May 2014 after two months.”

Douglas says the timing of the end of the show wasn’t great as she had just purchased a second property which she planned to develop so not working was not an option. It was an audition for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Show, which they were taking on an arena tour, which stoked the fire in Douglas to go on and
pursue her burning ambition.

“I was a backing dancer for them [Ant and Dec] and it was being in that environment that made me realise that I really wanted to do presenting, and that maybe this was a sign from the higher being that the reason the show closed early was because I was meant to pursue a new passion of mine that I really wanted to undertake.

“I interviewed Ant and Dec. They were lovely and they set me up with a meeting at their agency just to get some tips and advice and they said to me I could either go on Love Island and become famous that way, or I could have an expertise and use that.

“My expertise is property development and I took that ad- vice back to my agent.
“The same day I discussed that with her, in January 2015, a meeting with A Place In The Sun was booked to have a screen test with them. That took place in March, and in June I was off shooting with them. Everything happened really quickly
and I’ve loved it.”

Despite her success, Douglas says opportunities to diversify her portfolio on television are few and far between. She says it’s a challenge not to be pigeon-holed. “It’s great being on the show and the time [three years] has gone quickly,” Douglas reflected.

She added: “I think people were quite surprised to see someone like me on the show, I got to tear away any expectations of, ‘Is she going to be like this or like that?’ I just was allowed to go on the show and do me, which was really good. It has opened a lot of doors for me but still not as many as I would have thought.

“I come from an entertainment background and I used that as my way into television and ultimately I would like to do more entertainment-based shows. It’s hard once you are just seen as this one type of presenter no one can see you as anything else.

“Add to that the people who normally watch A Place In The Sun are middle aged white guys that are not the type of person who would watch me on a reality TV show or watch me on an entertainment-based show.”

Looking forward, Douglas believes she will have to create a platform that shows off her skills in relation to other areas of television in order to demonstrate to mainstream markets that she is not only willing but extremely able.

She said: “I’m in the process of launching my own YouTube channel which will be live at the end of the month, watch this space for more info coming soon. My main goal is to be an Oprah – I’d love to have my own network.

“It might be a few years down the line, but it’s so easy to go out now and do it yourself. I’ve sat on this idea for a few years. I’ve done some lming but it’s not been good enough where as now, I know what I am doing and have a bit of experience through what I have done with my presenting.

“I’ve no excuse. I am going to fund it myself and use some of the good people I have met along the way to get it done. If I don’t at least try and push it, I am never going to know.”

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