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Playwright aiming to inspire youth

COMMITTED: Karen Allen

KAREN ALLEN, a mother of five, is gearing up to stage her critically acclaimed play, The Countdown, at the iconic Bernie Grant Centre in Tottenham, north London on November 18.

The Countdown, is a dramatic depiction of four young people’s lives and the challenges they face grappling crime, sexual exploitation and gangs. Karen, a Christian speaker and author, hopes young people will watch the play and be inspired to turn their back on crime and instead pursue their ambitions.

The place was first staged at ARC church in Forest Gate, east London in August. It had such a great reception Karen was asked to re-stage it at the Bernie Grant Centre. Karen was inspired to write The Countdown following the stabbings of three teenagers, one fatally, on the same night not far from her home in Enfield earlier this year.

Karen explained: “I’m on a mission to help as many young people as possible so that they can fulfil their potential. This drama seeks to educate, enlighten and empower and is one of my contributions to helping solve this issue.”

Karen also launched the 10:10-Time 4 Change Campaign, which is a faith-based community initiative aiming to point people to projects where they can get practical and emotional support.
She adds: “I am committed to doing all I can to help solve the problem of youth violence and exploitation in our community. This epidemic is everyone’s responsibility, if we all work together we can make a difference.”

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