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Police called on black student who put her feet up in class

POLICE ESCORT: A student captured the moment their classmate was removed from class by police for apparently being disruptive (Screengrab: Apurva Rawal)

A WHITE university professor who called the police to remove a black student from her class because she had reportedly been disruptive has been temporarily relieved of her duties.

Early reports said that the student was removed because she put her feet up in the class, something it is understood she did days before the police were called.

Footage of the moment when the University of Texas at San Antonio student, who has been identified only as Paige, was taken out of class by police officers has been viewed millions of times on social media.

Investigations into the incident have found that racial bias was not a factor.

In an email obtained published by the University of Texas at San Antonio, the institution’s president, Taylor Eighmy, summarised the findings of an investigation by the Equal Opportunity Services (EOS).

Eighmy wrote: “EOS conducted in-depth interviews with both the faculty member and the student, as well as an examination of social media posts and information submitted by email. EOS’s assessment, based primarily on the opinion of the student, is that racial bias was not a factor in the actions of the faculty member. Because the student feels the faculty member’s actions were not based in racial bias, she has elected not to file a formal complaint of discrimination with EOS regarding the incident.”

The lecturer, who has been identified as Dr Moss, will not teach for the remainder of the term and has been ordered to take classroom management training sessions before returning to her duties in 2019.

The university concluded that Moss had failed to manage her classroom and displayed poor judgment in her handling of the situation but did not deem that her actions warranted termination.

Commenters have drawn comparisons between this case and the string of recent incidents where white people have called the police on black people for non criminal acts.

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