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Police called on black Yale student asleep at uni

PICTURED: Yale student Lolade Siyonbola (Image: Lolade Siyonbola)

A BLACK graduate student had the police called on her after she fell asleep in a common room at Yale.

Lolade Siyonbola, was asked to show identification after she used a key to unlock her room in the Yale university campus dormitory.

A woman had called the police after finding what she described as an “unauthorised person in the common room”, university authorities told The New York Times.

Siyonbola, who is studying for a master’s degree in African studies, was questioned for more than 15 minutes by police before they were satisfied that she was a Yale student living in the building.

She was told by police that the incident was prolonged because her name was misspelled on a database of student information.

QUESTIONING: The police officers who responded to the call made reporting Lolade Siyonbola (Image: Lolade Siyonbola)

The master’s student shared two videos on her Facebook page. One of the videos includes part of a conversation with the student who told Siyonbola that she was contacting the police after finding her on a sofa at on Yale’s New Haven campus.

In a post on her Facebook page, Siyonbola said: “Black Yale community is beyond incredible and is taking good care of me.

“I know this incident is a drop in the bucket of trauma black folk have endured since Day one America, and you all have stories.”

“I deserve to be here,” Siyonbola also said in a video on Facebook. “I paid tuition like everybody else. I am not going to justify my existence here. It’s not even a conversation.”

Lynn Cooley, the dean of Yale’s graduate school of arts and sciences, said: “Incidents like that of last night remind us of the continued work needed to make Yale a truly inclusive place.”

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