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Police hit back at Diane Abbott's criticisms

PICTURED: Diane Abbott

DIANE ABBOTT has been criticised by police after calling out officers who use a ‘disproportionate level of force’ to arrest young black men.

The Shadow Home Secretary tweeted a link to a video of police wrestling a black man to the floor in Brent on Thursday, which went viral.

In the tweet, Ms Abbott wrote: "Too often a disproportionate level of force is used by police against young black men. It has to stop.

"Evidence based stop & search is important in fighting crime, but all that we see here is the type of video that poisons police-community relations."

However, John Apter, the chairman of the Police Federation, was furious with the comments, saying: "These comments are inflammatory and cause tensions within communities.

"Such sweeping anti-police statements without knowing the facts are incredibly damaging. It is comments like these which poison police-community relations."

The Police Inspectors Forum on Twitter also responded, stating they found her comment to be "disappointing”

“It really is so disappointing that you continue to make such ill informed comments. No mention of the personal responsibility to cooperate. You carry no credibility to be Home Secretary.”

While Mike Pannett, a former Met officer turned author, said it was “disgraceful”.

He wrote: “I’ve just seen this from the shadow Home Secretary. What a disgraceful comment to make. ALL police officers know exactly what the individual in the video was trying to do. Resist arrest and intimidate the officers. I and others have seen this 1000s of times. She’s NOT helping.”

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