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Portugal police officers convicted of beating black youths


EIGHT PORTUGUESE police officers have been found guilty of an attack on black youths that took place in 2015.

This is the first time so many officers have been convicted of a case in Portugal, according to BBC.

The offers detained and accused a man of throwing stones at a police car, with five other men protesting at a police station for his innocence. They were then also detained and were beaten up.

While accusations of torture and racist motivation were rejected by the court, Judge Ester Pacheco said there was a “serious abuse of authority”.

Of the officers, only one was sentenced to 18 months in prison for a repeat offence while the others were given suspended sentences for crimes including falsified documents, assault, and kidnapping. It’s reported that their lawyers will appeal. Nine other officers were acquitted.

According to Reuters, the charges against the officers were brought after a joint investigation by prosecutors and the Judicial Police that followed complaints by the families of the six youths, who were cleared of charges of resisting arrest and assault.

The six youths, reportedly aged between 23-25, lived in Cova da Moura - a predominately black neighbourhood in Amadora, Portugal.

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