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Poundland stops selling knives in London stores

POUNDLAND: The retailer has announced plans to ban the sales of knives in its stores

POUNDLAND WILL no longer sell kitchen knives in its London stores following the recent spate of violence in the capital, it has been announced.

The retailer plans to rollout the ban across all of its stores in UK and Ireland by the end of the year.

Knives were taken off the shelves in all London stores last week.

Poundland’s retail director, Austin Cook, said: "We have committed to take knives out of all our stores, starting with London, which we have done with immediate effect a couple of weeks ago, and we will take them out of the rest of the country by October.

He added that the decision was influenced by information communicated by store employees.

"Since I've come into my role we have had a lot of feedback from our store colleagues that we are retailing knives that can have the wrong ultimate purpose for them,” he said.

Cook added: "We want to take them off our shelves and take them out of the hands of the wrong customers and, whilst there is a sales implication for us, it's much more important to us to protect both our colleagues and our customers from any risk.”

It’s believed that at least 36 people have been fatally stabbed in London since the start of the year. Knife crime is on the rise in England and Wales, according to Home Office statistics.

More than 50 people died as a result of violent crime in the first 100 days of 2018.

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