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Practice makes perfect

DETERMINED: Musician Davinche

MANY ARTISTS in the music game confess to being perfectionists. Maybe that is the reason so many producers are coming from behind the scenes and stepping into the limelight.

Davinche is the latest producer turned front man to record an album called The Open Minded Project. Following on from producing such hits as Kano’s P’s and Q’s Tinie Tempah’s Tears, the musician said he had considered releasing an album for quite some time, but making the final leap to a solo career was an accident.

“I had always toyed with the idea of producing my own song,” said the 24-year-old. “When one of my songs was leaked and received really well, I just kind of went with it.”

As the saying goes- if you want something done right, do it yourself, a sentiment that the producer takes literally.

“A lot of the time I would do the male vocals on tracks for artists who were not necessarily that musically knowledgeable. If I write a song for someone I will go into the booth and sing it for them so they can hear it beforehand.”

“If I write a chorus for a rapper I will record it just so there is something for us to work around. I find that people may not have the right imagination, and I want to get it 100 per cent right. I will do things 88 times if necessary, it just has to be right. I can’t say to a person who listens to my music in their car or at home that one of my speakers wasn’t working that day, they will take out an Usher CD or something and play that instead, it has to sound perfect,” said Davinche.

Calling him a young musical prodigy would be an overstatement but the singer admits that his career into music was sealed years before he ever made a conscious decision to become a musician.

“My mum brought me a small electric key board when I was very young, and she always tells the story that I started to play a song straight away. I also taught myself how to play the guitar from watching my dad play. My parents pushed me in that direction, it was just taken for granted that I would do music,” recalled the composer.

Studying music at school and then in college the artist became a classically trained piano and guitar player and also co-conducted a 36-piece BBC Orchestra in 2006 at the age of 18. But since then the south London-born musician has outgrown the classics and opted to make roots in the UK’s urban music scene.

“The classical thing was so long ago, it certainly influenced me and gave me an insight into music and how it works, but it doesn’t influence me now. To be honest I think I have forgotten half of it, but it gave me instincts to build on.”

Already a seasoned creator of chart hitting songs Davinche says that pigeon holing an artist is not something he would do but admits that it allows others to fully appreciate music.

“I think people need categories. A lot of people need to know where they stand with music, if they don’t know where you’re coming from they may find it harder to judge how much they like you.”

Still, the hitmaker remains open minded, as his new album suggests and he doesn’t rule out the use of classical or any other musical genre for his up-coming tracks.

“The reason I entitled it Open Minded is because it’s not what would be expected, it’s also what I want the listener to be, but it’s still great music.”

The Open Minded Project will be released October 18 on Dirty Canvas records.

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