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Premier League chairman speaks exclusively to The Voice

PICTURED: Richard Scudamore

THE ANTICIPATION for the Premier League season seems all the more exciting on the back of such a great World Cup.

Like many others, I enjoyed watching Gareth Southgate’s England team as they captured the imagination of the country with their excellent performances. At the Premier League we were proud to see England players who have been developed at our clubs performing so well, and clearly bene ting from the FA’s preparation and Gareth’s excellent management.

Across the League, 108 of our clubs’ players took part in the World Cup, with 27 of the 32 competing nations having a Premier League player in their squad.

The global nature of our competition – where the best of the UK’s talent competes with and against some of the best international players – is something we celebrate.

The welcoming environment provided by clubs and their fans to players of all nationalities is part of what makes the competition so appealing.

The build-up to a new season always brings exciting talking points with fans and the media debating how new players might fare and what the upcoming nine months of Premier League football will bring.

It is the unscripted drama delivered by our clubs that makes the League so compelling. I can’t wait for it to start and hope all readers of The Voice enjoy following the action.

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