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Premier League conclusion creates two uncertain futures

DECISION TIME: David Moyes and Sam Allardyce (right) face uncertain futures

WITH THE Premier League season now concluded, two managers - who faced their old clubs on the campaign’s final day - face an uncertain future. David Moyes and Sam Allardyce both have an interesting few days on the horizon.

The future of West Ham’s Moyes remains in question despite a 3-1 victory over Everton at the London Stadium. Having signed a six-month deal with the Hammers in November,the Scotsman revealed that he will be out of contract at midnight on Sunday (May 13).

Despite turning round the fortunes of previously lacklustre West Ham - who were sitting in the relegation zone when he took the reins - Moyes’ recent achievement is to be put under the spotlight with the East London club said to be considering the possibility of a new appointment at a board meeting in the coming week.

When questioned on whether today’s fixture is a farewell Moyes said: “We will meet and talk I think next week. We've not arranged a date, not arranged a time. Look, whatever way it comes around, we have and I say we because I mean my staff, they are all with me in the same situation played well, improved from the start of the season no end. We really have.”

The 55-year-old was asked whether he understood why there would be any doubt regarding his future with the club: “Well I think that you’ve had plenty of time to see if you think what’s gone on is right. If you don’t then it’s not a problem because I’ll have options myself if I choose to do that.

“It’s not us challenging each other, far from it. I’ve had a really good relationship with the board since I’ve come here, I speak regularly with them. From that point of view, I would like to change things and maybe everybody is not happy with change.”

Meanwhile Everton boss Allardyce recognised that defeat to United was not helpful as he seeks to forge clarity on his job prospects.

He said "I have a contract for next year. Confident? I can't quite say after all the rumours I'm reading in the paper because generally there's something and there's no smoke without fire. I'll wait and see when we meet up next week, or this week actually."

The vibe at London Stadium suggests that both Moyes and Allardyce are heading for their respective exits.

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